Welcome To Early Retirement
Ladies and Gentlemen 

Please help me GIVE AWAY One Million FREE
8 Day 7 Nite Vacations to every Veteran that wants one.

(you only have to Register and pay Taxes, that's about a 90% Discount)
(No Blackouts and you have a year to Redeem it)

50% of my Profits will go to various Veterans Associations.

The Vacations are INDEED FREE as stated above.

I will make a few bucks from the Registration, that's it
and I will share that with my fellow Veterans.

I will be using one myself this Summer to visit the
Arizona Memorial

(before I go completely Blind and it's on my Bucket List.)

All you have to do is Sign Up and Confirm your email.
No strings attached and you can "share" this with anyone
you can give a copy to with my Complements

Oh and...




So.... without further Adieu....Sign Up below

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